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In order to operate a chainsaw, always wear Safety Boots. On a daily basis, top 3 chainsaw boots are listed. These top 3 chainsaw boots not only provide the certain level of safety but also provide the comfort level. Almost all boots you will see in the market are durable and light weight it means that they are used for long period of time and are perfect for outdoor tasks. It is great for those that does landscaping trade. In order to get precautionary measures chainsaw boots provide such extra grip doing heavy duty tasks where slipping is always a possibility, after wearing chainsaw boots we can refrain from fatal injuries.

There is no doubt, as chainsaw boots are made from tough rubber/plastic hence keeping us away from fatal injuries, especially when working in rocky areas. Most of the boots made from different materials, some of them are used to prevent from injuries and others are used to get comfort but it all depends on the need of the user.

If you are searching for a fine quality pair of boots then you may find that below, that could be the one that suit your needs. All are featured in different terms of safety and comfort but no doubt they provide firm grip and great experience.

Following are top 3 chainsaw boots in the industries:

1. Oregon Yukon II Review:

This Oregon Yukon II safety boots will definitely provide you a great safer experience during cutting. These boots are designed not only provide safety as it made from steel toe caps and reinforced heels, but also made to provide comfort as much as possible. As a matter of fact Oregon are well known for their safety and precautionary measures and these boots are as safe as chainsaw boots should be.

Following are some features:

  • Steel toe caps:Oregon Yukon II chainsaw safety boots are integrated with high steel toe caps which provide safety so any heavy logs won’t do any damage if they are accidentally dropped on the toe end of the boots
  • Reinforce heels:The heels are designed in such a way that they remain comfortable, but also protect from any fatal injuries during cutting.
  • Orange visor:Such boots are painted in orange color which makes people easier to see when working in the dark places.
  • Lace draw strings:Any professional that uses a chainsaw should know that if they do not cover the top of their boots with their pants or trousers then there boots may filled with dusts so these boots come with lace draw strings that prevent from such happenings .

These boots provide a comfortable experience that is very important when working in them all day long. A comfort level environment proved to be a safe environment. Oregon always produce top quality products and these boots provide all round experience. When it comes to chainsaws you should consider to buy these boots.


Features: Steel toe caps – Reinforced heels – Orange visor – Lace draw strings
Pricing: Affordable

2. Korkers Greenback Wading Boots Review:

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot with Kling-On & Studded Kling-On Soles_

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot with Kling-On & Studded Kling-On Soles made from pure leather provide such safety that all you need for your chainsaw cutting jobs as it is made from leather material which is strong on the outsides and same on the inside which protect you from any mishaps. Its strong laces at the front side and the nice vibram sole on the inside surely make your cutting experience in a comfortable one. It does not matter that you are a daily user of chainsaws or you use it sometimes but be sure that these boots are the perfect options for your safety. Following are some of its salient features listed below:

  • Firm Grip:Truck Black forest boots have a thick grip on the bottom side that provides you guarantee that you never slips during performing your tasks. Wherever you are working , you can be sure that these tools will keep you where you should be.
  • Comfortable vibram soles:A comfortable thick vibram sole on the inside provide you much comfortable atmosphere and keep your feet warmer. These boots are proved to be perfect in order to use for prolonged periods.
  • Lace-up:Now a days, most of the boots don’t comes in laces but such model comes because they provide a great safer experience. No doubt, there may be the potential problem of getting laces tight but you make sure that user feet never move or get uncomfortable during operation.
  • Strong Leather material:Strong leather material of these boots will ensure your feet are always safe from the unexpected happens on the inside and on the outside.

As these boots comes with steel toe caps so any heavy material that may drop on the boots would won’t hurt the user. You can see the picture of these boots, these are boots are as safe as houses and that must be recommended by any professional chainsaw man.


Features: : Steel toecaps – Vibram soles – Strong leather material – Lace-up
Pricing: Mid-Range

3. Husqvarna Review:

Husqvarna brand are well known when we talk about safety boots such boots are bright orange that provides more safety benefits to the users while working in those areas where light is limited. If you are searching for a new pair of chainsaw safety boots, have a look at the features Husqvarna boots which provides:

Following are some of the features that will best describe the characteristics of this product:

  • Handmade boots:Such boots are handmade which provides surety that they are robust and even durable which provide safety from any accidents even from the chainsaw itself.
  • Bright Orange:Bright orange design provides the shield around users which can be seen when working in such areas where light is limited Husqvarna boots acts as reflectors so if any light shines on them will bring them to life.
  • Reinforced:These provides reinforcement around the sole so you can be feel safe for your feet from any fatal injury or damage. These boots also provides reinforced around the toe cap area..
  • Steel Toe caps:Husqvarna has make sure that these boots are integrated with steel toe caps which makes them as safe as possible to get safety..

If we talk about price, these Husqvarna boots are bit more expensive than its competitors in the same market but if you talk about safety such boots are reinforced in all of the important areas which makes these a great preference to buy. When it comes to chainsaw working you should make sure that these handmade boots prove to be a great selection for any chainsaw actions. If you really want to get the charm of safety and comfort level then you should consider these boots.


Features: : Orange design – Reinforced – Steel toecaps
Pricing: Mid-Range


The Oregon Yukon II are listed as a number one because of the reason that they provide a lot more features when compared with others and no doubt they are lower in price. Oregon brand is providing top quality safety products which makes them popular among garden/landscaping tasks.

If you are searching for good quality chainsaw boots then you should select the Oregon boots, but other two should also be considered if you feel that these are best suitable according to your needs.