How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener?

Same like other cutting tools, electric chainsaw also need to be get sharpened after getting work from electric chainsaw blade. In order to use electric chainsaw sharpener you no need to take help from professional but you can do it by yourself very easily.

1. Specification of Saw blade:

You should know the proper specification and accurate information about saw blade in order to sharpen the blade of electric chain saw. Most probably the specification is mention on the box in which the blade had delivered to you or on also printed on user’s manual.

2. Positioning the sharpener

It is mandatory that the chainsaw sharpener should me placed on a solid place in order to avoid the movement while operating. The sharpener must be kept on such place where the saw blade can be easily installed on sharpener.

3. Installing the sharpening stone:

As you gathered information from step no.1, configure the sharpening stone having proper width that can be easily fitted in the gap between the teeth. As common size of the width of sharpening stone is 3/16 inch. Sharpening stones are available in the market according to the need of consumers so purchase one according to the necessity.

4. Swivel Angle:

As we should know the most important thing is about swivel angle. Place your chainsaw blade which you are going to sharp in between the holder of the chainsaw sharpener and then adjust the swivel angle. Normally the range is in between 0 degrees to 60 degrees. According to the need it is increased sometimes up to 80 degrees.

5. Blade tooth angle

Again go to the specification obtained from step 1 and see what is the given blade tooth angle. In the electric chainsaw sharpener this angle can be adjusted by loosening a knob in the blade holder. This knob can be moved in the negative or positive direction and the angle can be set accordingly.
Go to the specification which you obtained from step no.1 and see about the given blade tooth angle. In electric chainsaw sharpener tooth angle can be adjusted just by loosening the knob in the blade holder. That knob can easily be moved in the positive and negative direction and then angle can be easily set accordingly.

6. Adjusting the depth

The depth stop must be adjusted properly so that the grinder of the chainsaw sharpener does not cut very deep between the teeth. If this depth is not properly adjusted then the grinder will tend to cut the metal between the teeth and as a result the saw blade will be damaged. It can also cause overheating of the blade and thus the material of the blade will lose its temper.
The grinder of the chainsaw sharpener should not cut very deep between the teeth so that is why depth stop must be adjusted properly. If you are unable to take it serious then the grinder will cut the metal between the teeth and in the result the saw blade will be damaged. This phenomenon can also cause overheating of the blade and thus blade will lose its temper.

7. Starting the process

Now slowly lower the grinder wheel on the first tooth. When the grinder touches the blade a few sparks will come out. After keeping the grinder wheel in contact with the tooth for some time, remove it. You will notice that the inner surface of the tooth now has a shiny metallic appearance.
After that slowly lower the grinder wheel on first tooth. As it touches the saw blade then a few sparkles will come out. After sometime remove the contact in between grinder and tooth then now you will see the inner surface of tooth has a shiny and polished metallic appearance.

8. Advancing

Each tooth on one side of the table should be sharpen slowly. When you sharpened one set of tooth then you have to adjust the grinder angle once again. One thing you should keep in your mind that if initially it was 20 degrees on the positive side then you have to change it to negative 20 degrees. Then follow the same phenomenon for the next set of teeth.

7 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Safety Tips:

In order to have maintenance of electric chainsaw you must have an electric chainsaw sharpener. Whenever the blades of the chain saw get dull then sharpener allows you to sharpen your chainsaw. Whenever you realize that you are going to apply much effort than before to cut through the wood then it means that you need to sharpen your chainsaw. The sharpener has become the vital feature if you want to get most by your chainsaw. You can save your money that a professional charge from you. There is no any difficulty to use chainsaw sharpener. However, following are some safety tips that are going to be helpful.


1. Inspect sharpener before use:

Before you sharpen it is a good idea that you check your sharpener for any anomalies. If you found damaged parts, it will be best to repair those or replace before sharpen the saw blade. Also check the alignments of moving parts before sharpening the saw blade. And yes be sure about the “on” and “off” switches that are functioning properly.

2. Tighten the chain First:

Make your habit to tighten the chain before sharpening the saw blade. It make it secure that chain is secure when you sharpen. Keep it in your mind that if the chain moves about when you file, it could easily cut your hands. Before you tighten the chain, be sure that the electric chainsaw is turned off and it is unplugged from the power source.

3. Secure sharpener onto work table:

Sharpener must be placed firmly secure onto the table. This habit will allow you to do work safely and efficiently. It also prevents from slipping and accidents. As the matter of fact the unsecured sharpener can easily fell onto your feet and can cause injuries. This sort of happening can also damage tools.

4. Prevent electric shock:

Keep it in your mind that you should take care about the place on which you are going to set sharpener, do not use your sharpener on wet or in a damp environment. It can cause you to get electric shock, you also must have space with certain items. Also avoid to work near flammable gases or liquids at work area. This refrain you from accidental fires.

5. Use in A well lit Environment:

It proved to have best results working in a well lit environment. This helps to sharpen the chainsaw blade more accurately and efficiently. No matter high visibility plays important role to prevent from accidents

6. Maintain A safe distance from a sharpener:

While operating machine, stay away and do not reach across the machine. To over reach it may increases the chances of severe cuts and jams. You must maintain your balance as you work. Proper having precautionary measures enhances your personal safety.

7. Use protective wear:

Always wear goggles or a face mask in order to protect your eyes from dust and fine particles. Also wear heavy duty gloves in order to protect your hands from possible cuts. As high level of noise in generated during sharpening your saw blade so mufflers will protect the ears from harm. Avoid to wear loose clothes or jewelry that hangs because that can easily get in machine and cause jam. Long hairs also cover up and tie up from face because that can increase the chances of injuries to the body.

All depend according to your need and your budget you may have detailed information further by visiting the following link.

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