are you looking for the Worx electric chainsaw, WORX has become the leading company of making best rated electric chain saws today as it is manufacturing high-quality chain saw more than 10 years ago and it has become the great brand related to others. The reason for its fame is that they are producing reliable, durable and cheap chainsaws. As it is a Chinese brand hence all of its products are highly rated.


Worx Electric Chainsaw

1. WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw:

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling

This electric chainsaw is such an amazing model that surpasses all the others. This corded electric chainsaw has exclusive and built-in tool-free auto tensioning and chain replacement feature, all the problems which occur with a number of other chainsaws are completely finished.

Most of our professionals dictate that a person related to wood cutting field become able to comfortably operate such a tool so he must buy his favorite chainsaw. It is one of the secure and best models of corded electric chainsaws because of its auto tension system characteristics and an oversized knob and the bar which automatically maintaining proper tension. As you deal with this chainsaw. as there are types and reviews of Worx brand but you can have more information on homepage visit the Worx chainsaw types.

Salient features:
  • It comes with 16-inch bar length and its electric power rating at 14.5 Amp, produce 3.5 Hp which makes it more preferable.
  • It has chain mechanical feature which refrains from incidences of extraordinary tightening which stay in the most appropriate tension during doing heavy duty tasks.
  • This model offers an easy to lubricate gear system
  • It comes with a beautiful look and it has been finished with a nice black & orange finish.
  • This model comes with a low kickback bar together with a safety chain stop.
  • The characteristics which enhance its durability is that it is majorly used for copper plastic and steel construction
  • The special feature of this model is that it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Using such model, you are totally relaxed from the tension to mix gas and oil and even deal with the stressful startups. It has such a great feature which automatically lubricates the chain and the bar. WORKX chainsaw has 6.75 oz reservoir together which helps to indicate the oil level.

It is ergonomically designed and rated in order to provide safety and comfort. In the case of a kickback, this chainsaw model provides a large amount of built-in safety chain break system which stops the chain suddenly within just a few seconds during improper contact in order to protect the user. Its ergonomically fully-wrapped best design makes it more comfortable for the operator to use with a feature of over-molded rear-rubber handle.

2. WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw:

WORX 18-Inch 15.0 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling – WG304.1
If you want to take your cutting projects to the professional level this WORKX WG304.1 Electric chainsaw will play a great role because of having a unique design. This Worx 18-inch 15.0 amp electric chainsaw model presenting with a patented tool-free auto tension system and chain replacement system.

In order to secure the bar together with the chain, this model has an over-sized knob as well automatic maintenance for proper tension when this model is under operation. The auto-tension system is such sleekly designed which extend the life of the chain together with the bar.

To add stability during cutting, this corded model qualifies with the characteristics of having metal dogs within the 18” long bar. This electric chainsaw has the really superb lubricating gear system that makes the tool life lengthy. Its indeed one of the best tools for high duty projects you might come across with.

This model has 3.5 horsepower that makes it a gas free and reliable operation tool. This is worth buying and considered to be the best among all others chainsaw reviews.

Special Features:
  • There is no inconvenience of mixing oil and gas.
  • One of the highest horsepower tool with 4.0 PH
  • This model is exclusively designed with rubberized ergonomics practices with a rear handle which provides it a firm grip and comfort.
  • The machine is always safe from the hassle of chain over-tightening because it has a proper lubricating chain mechanism that restricts it from tightening. As a result, it maintains its tension within a specified range making it handy for lengthy tasks
  • One of the really surprising qualities of this item is that it comes with auto chain lubrication feature.
  • This model has a lot of safety measures as well that makes it unique from others just like chain automatically stops when stuck in heavy duty works with the ability of low kickback bar.
  • Its chain can easily be installed and replaced, proper adjustments can be done to make its precise tension, thus making it a tool-less feature.
  • This model also provides a home depot protection plan.
  • The recent reports have shown that this electric chainsaw is as powerful as any other gas chainsaws.
  • It also has an over-sized knob that maintains the bar and chain with accurate tension.

WORX JawSaw:

This item is proved to be the best electric chainsaw which is uniquely designed for homeowners and seasonal chainsaw users who need power tools for routine yard maintenance tasks but they don’t want the tension of operating chainsaws, this great tool is rated and sleekly designed even with the precautionary measures and safety of the consumers which is totally by focusing on its design.

This proves to be the best tool for you if you have ever suffered from a fear of using the chainsaw with larger chainsaw teeth which have chances of serious injuries and accidents.

1. WORX WG307 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw:


A model of WORKX, this electric chainsaw is also designed with a power jaw design which grabs the wood piece and enhancing stability which makes it efficient to cut easily the wood which is placed directly on the ground as well as the scissor cut action that efficiently limits the chances of a kickback occurrences. The bar and chain of its electric jawsaw are securely enclosed in a metal housing that means you will be quite safe even if a kickback comes during the operating the WORKX JawSaw.

With the use of electric jawsaw the chances of a severe injury may eliminate so you can simply do your duties without having tension about thinking yourself any harm.

The feature which makes it more unique is that it comes with an automatic chain oiler fitted having an oil level gauge and also comes with auto tension chain which means a little to zero maintenance. If you want to know how much power this jawsaw has, you will be pleased to know that such small but highly rated tool can cut up to 4 inch mini but wide item.

2. WORX WG320 20V Cordless Jaw Chain Saw:


The WORKX WG320 Max lithium cordless jaw saw comes with all of the features relative to the large standard jawsaw also having cordless convenience. As it is powered by 20V Max lithium battery which makes it free of cords, and it is now portable. This cordless jawsaw is portable, light-weight and safe in order to tackle trimming and pruning jobs in the house yards, after storm damage or camping. When compared to others it comes with such a feature of no pull starting, no more exhausts smells, no more oil/gas mixes and no tension of cords and also its main feature which we can’t ignore that it is very safe to use with a chain and enclosed bar that eliminates dangerous kickback. For much longer periods of time, the battery technology eliminates self-discharge and can perform a partial charge without affecting “Memory effect” affecting your battery. It’s best chosen for cutting and pruning wood waste which should be less than 4 inches in diameter.

Points to Ponder:
  • Best applicable for cleaning up wood debris after storm smash
  • Offers scissor cut functionality that hinders dangerous kickbacks
  • Features blade housing that allows safe cutting of woods
  • Provides automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator
  • Includes optimum tension through its automated tension feature
  • 20 Volt powered battery with Max lithium
  • Cutting capacity up to 4 inches in diameter
  • It offers 6-inch bar length with 6-inch chain size including maximum cutting diameter range up to 4 inches.
  • It features the battery of 3.0 Amp hours
  • Battery power type and size is of Lithium Ion offering 20-volt battery
  • It’s chain pitch ¼” with a chain speed of 1350
  • Its chainsaw size is small featuring a handy chainsaw type
  • It also features chain brake, tool-less chain tensioning
  • It comes with battery, charger with a money back guarantee of 30 days
  • This item is exclusively designed for homeowners
  • It often comes with 2-year limited warranty
  • It comes with battery, charger with a money back guarantee of 30 days