Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews – Complete Buyer’s Guide


A chainsaw without a chainsaw sharpener is like a car without fuel. For a more enjoyable and smooth performance of your chainsaw, you must have a good sharpener with you. Whether you got the fine quality chainsaw but every time you do woodwork, your chainsaw inevitably remains as sharp as before. Therefore, a handy chainsaw sharpener is most needed.

Chainsaw sharpeners have two broad categories: electric and manual. The former type is available in different electric models depending on the different motor sizes installed in them. Their power varies between 75-3000 watts. Every chainsaw sharpeners support a specific size so consider chain size before buying.

If you want to buy a good chainsaw sharpener that matches your budget, we suggest you peer into our article and find out the best suitable chainsaw sharpener for your chainsaw. Out of the eight tools, we have chosen for review, the Stihl chain sharpener .325 turns out to be the best chainsaw sharpener as it takes minimum time to sharpen the whole chain.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener

To save your valuable time, we have sorted the specific features of each chainsaw sharpener in a comparison table below. Take a second to have a brief insight into each tool before you decide to buy one.

Chainsaw SharpenerFeaturesPrice
Stihl Chain Sharpener .32512.3 ounces weight, portable, manual, cost-effectiveCheck Price
SDMS Chainsaw Sharpener13.6 ounces weight, durable, portable, manualCheck Price
Buffalo ECSS Chainsaw Sharpener4.11 pounds weight, electric corded, 120V poweredCheck Price
Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener G-106B1.05 pounds weight, made of zinc-plated steel & cast aluminum, adjustable file height & tooth lengthCheck Price
LEGENDARY Electric Chainsaw Sharpener5.61 pounds weight, electric corded, 120V powered, made of metal & nylonCheck Price
BZCTAH Chainsaw Sharpener1.08 pounds weight, portable, manual, durable, made of premium plasticCheck Price
Yescom Electric Chainsaw Sharpener6.29 pounds weight, electric corded, 120V poweredCheck Price
Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener2 pounds weight, manual, portable, made of premium quality aluminumCheck Price

We have learned the basic features of every tool; let us go to the details now.

Stihl Chain Sharpener 325


The STIHL brand has been busy manufacturing incredible power tools for us since the 1970s. The Stihl chain sharpener .325 is one of the marvelous tools, which sharpens the whole chain in just 5-10 minutes. Its quality to sharpen the teeth and depth gauge at the same instance makes it the best chainsaw sharpener.


The Stihl chain sharpener .325 is an effective, easy-to-use metal tool that is available in orange color with a double function design i.e. sharpening & measuring depth. This tool comprises two round files, one flat file, a file holder, and a filing guide. With its effective use, problems such as chainsaw kickback are markedly diminished.

This tool weighs just 12.3 ounces with dimensions 8.43 x 1.96 x 0.91 inches, so it is lightweight and portable. However, it requires both of your hands during its operation. Stihl chain sharpener .325 is a high-quality branded tool, which provides a steel filing guide with indestructible plastic handles.

With its epic features and super performance, the results are convincing with the sharpness that is better and lasts longer. Chainsaws are available in different pitches and this wonderful tool supports all chain pitches i.e. ¼ inch, 0.325 inches, 3/8 inch, 12 inches, ¾ inches except 0.404 inches.

In the final analysis, this tool is worth its cost due to the wonderful features it provides. One will not regret spending money to buy the Stihl chain sharpener as it saves one’s time and effort. the sharpness attained from it will make you feel amazed and pleasured while doing your woodwork with a lot of time left for you to relax and enjoy life.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple
  • Good design & built
  • Sharpens teeth and depth gauge simultaneously
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Portable

  • A little expensive
  • Not suitable for regular users
  • Require both hands

SDMS Chainsaw Sharpener


SDMS chainsaw sharpener is indeed the right choice for those who prefer fast & easy work. Its perfect design with two holes for precise sharpening makes it one of the best electric chainsaw. This quality tool is surely admired by professionals for its effective operation and wonderful output.


SDMS chainsaw sharpener is a simple and easy-to-use sharpening tool, which can be operated by anyone who uses a chainsaw for woodwork. It is a lightweight, durable tool, which comes with two holes for fixed sharpening. One hole is fixed and the other slides back & forth. You can remove the sliding rivet if you see a single hole in your saw blade.

This chainsaw sharpener weighs 13.6 ounces with a dimension of 8.3 x 5.9 x 1.2 inches. Extra whetstone is fit out for replacement but since it is proprietary so you must consider buy-in extra whetstones from the seller if you are a long-term user. These whetstones are resistant to wear so giving the tool its long-standing performance.

With its premium quality built and design, it is compatible with 14inches, 16 inches, 18 inches & 20 inches chains. Due to its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere to sharpen your chainsaw and make your work trouble-free. To extend the service life of this tool, you just have to oil the chains & rails to reduce friction.

In short, one can label it as an effective manual chainsaw sharpener that does not need rocket science knowledge to operate. If you look for fast and convenient ways to sharpen your chainsaw, then an SDMS chainsaw sharpener may be the right choice for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Suitable for most chainsaws
  • Easy operation
  • Whetstone for sharpening

  • Plastic material
  • Proprietary whetstone

Buffalo ECSS Chainsaw Sharpener


You do not need to rush to the hardware store for your chainsaw maintenance when you have a pro-Buffalo ECSS chainsaw sharpener. A blunt chainsaw will make your work hard and tedious apart from risking your safety. This efficacious tool will rectify all your troubles and make your work effortless.


Buffalo ECSS chainsaw sharpener is an electric sharpener with 85-watt power, 60Hz frequency, and operated with a voltage of 120V. It is a marvelous tool with an amazing 4200 RPM grinding speed. Its speed tells you you can get your sharp chainsaw in a flash of time. It is a multifaceted tool, which is adjustable for most chain types.

With a weight of 4.11 pounds and a dimension of 13.5 x 9.5 x 6.25 inches, it may sound a bit bulky but considering its notable features, we can say it is the best electric chainsaw sharpener. To gain easy access and stability, it is mounted on a vice, workbench, or wall.

Being the Buffalo product, its quality is undeniable. It maneuvers 4-1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel with a 7/8-inch arbor. You can conserve your time and money with this effective electric device.

Now you can sharpen the teeth of your chainsaw with ease at your home. You just have to plug in and let the device do the wonders.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful motor
  • Noiseless operation
  • Different angle options
  • Affordable

  • A little bulky
  • Takes some time to understand its operation

Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener G-106B


Elof Granberg brand in California that is known for its high quality and precise product manufactured this wonderful tool. If you want your work precise and accurate then you should add Granberg chainsaw sharpener G-106B to your list of considerations. It will never disappoint you.


Being made of cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel, it is such a strong and sturdy tool for quick and easy sharpening of your chainsaw. The Granberg chainsaw sharpener is a user-oriented tool and can be mounted to any chainsaw regardless of the file size.

This tool weighs 1.05 pounds with the dimensions 12.5 x 7 x 1.5 inches, and so one can regard it as lightweight and easily transportable. It claims precise and accurate performance. Indeed, it is uncontroversial since the brand that manufactures it is a hub of high quality and perfect products.

With its intimate design and built, it sharpens the chain of every size to the same sharpness and at the same angle. Its operation is quick and easy taking just a few minutes, which saves a lot of your precious time.

Without compromising quality and performance, its cost is quite reasonable compared to many chainsaw sharpeners. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, precise, and high-quality tool, the Granberg chainsaw sharpener G-106B may be the best chainsaw sharpener for you.

Pros & Cons


  • A broad variety of angle and height adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compatible to different chain sizes
  • Affordable

  • No file in the package
  • Requires a little effort in operation

LEGENDARY Electric Chainsaw Sharpener


Legendary electric chainsaw sharpener is an effective and robust device that can sharpen your chainsaw quickly, safely, and conveniently. You no longer need to frustrate now with the time-consuming setup of the device.


This device operates with 80watt, 60Hz, and 120V. It is fast with a grinding speed of 4200 RMP, which makes its operation swift and easy. It uses a 1x 4-1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel and a 7/8-Inch arbor.

With its chain rotation rollers, it saves most of your time that was previously consumed in setup, so makes your work way easier than before. You can adjust precision angle and height as required to keep your chainsaw in good condition. Chain vice is also adjustable to chains of any design and size.

Legendary electric chainsaw sharpener is made of nylon and metal, which counts for its alluring design. It weighs 5.61 pounds with the dimensions 13.58 x 10.28 x 6.85 inches, so it is not easily transportable but its epic features outstand this con.

If you want to save your time without negating the work quality, then a Legendary electric chainsaw may help you achieve perfection in your work within no time. You can sharpen your chainsaw swiftly and precisely with no safety hazards.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient operation
  • Chain rotation rollers
  • Compatible for all chain design and sizes

  • Corded device
  • A bit bulky
  • A little pricey

BZCTAH Chainsaw Sharpener


BZCTAH chainsaw sharpener is the manual chainsaw sharpener, which can fit divergent types of different chain holes. It is a lightweight, durable, and premium quality product, which makes your troublesome work easy and effortless.


One of the amazing features of this chainsaw sharpener is that it provides 2 anti-scratch covers which makes it a long-lasting and sturdy tool. Besides, it provides 5 whetstones so you need not worry about buying whetstones for a long time.

It is easy to carry and transportable with its 1.08 pounds weight and 7.48 x 6.93 x 1.57 inches dimensions. You can carry it anywhere you want and make your tiring work easy and fun to do. BZCTAH chainsaw sharpener is suitable for all chainsaws as you can easily customize it to match a single holed or double holed chain

It comparatively requires little effort to operate this tool than other chainsaw sharpeners. You do not need to touch whetstone with your hands. You just have to adjust the chainsaw on the two holes of the sharpener, close & lock the sharpener, then lightly squeeze the chainsaw and your work is done accurately without you being tired.

With its high quality built and easy installation methods, it is a worth considering tool for you. The thing that makes it the most desirable tool to buy is that you do not have to use much of your body power to sharpen your chainsaw; you can conserve your power and time for other matters. BZCTAH chainsaw sharpener just needs your minimum effort and hone your blunt chainsaw with its efficient performance.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple & lightweight
  • Portable
  • Broad compatibility
  • anti-scratch cover
  • 5 whetstone

  • A little expensive

Yescom Electric Chainsaw Sharpener


Yescom manufactured this pro electric chainsaw sharpener with its epic features of durability, safety, and enthralling design and built. At such an affordable price, you can get the quality Yescom electric chainsaw sharpener that can serve you for a long time.


Yescom electric chainsaw sharpener is a robust tool for sharpening your dull chainsaw. It weighs 6.28 pounds with the dimensions of 9.84 x 9 x 12.2 inches. Its chain vice adjust to chains of different designs and pitches so it has broad adjustability.

It provides brake handles for proficient working to hold the chain properly. Further, for ensuring safety, it has a grinding wheel cover. This handy electric device has a grinding speed of 4800 RPM, which makes your work fast and smooth.

It is operated with 80W, 60Hz, and 120V. It includes a 1x 4-1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel & a 7/8-inch arbor. You just need to mount it on a working table, bench vice, or wall and let the device make your work smooth & easy.

Though Yescom electric chainsaw sharpener is a bit heavy device but taking into account its durability, adjustability, safe operation, and most of all, its quite economical price, it can be the right choice for some users.

Pros & Cons


  • Reasonable cost
  • Powerful
  • Easy operation

  • A little bulky

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener


A timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is a unique tool that is famous for its precision and accuracy. It encourages a much longer chain life by removing just a small amount of material during the sharpening operation. This tool has an intimate design made of good quality machined aluminum.


The timberline chainsaw sharpener weighs 2 pounds with dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 inches. It is somehow lightweight. Being made from high-quality machined aluminum; it is durable and resistant to wear. It can be carried anywhere where you need to sharpen your chainsaw.

You can insert the file in the two openings to sharpen it precisely. It sharpens each tooth to the same length and angle accurately. You will enjoy your woodwork after getting your chainsaw sharpened by a timberline chainsaw sharpener.

For smooth and effective sharpening of your chainsaw blade, do it slowly and steadily. It sharpens your blade at a 300 angle. You will start getting better results from it when you get accustomed to its use.

In a word, a timberline chainsaw sharpener is a useful tool that gives professional results with its functional efficacy. One will surely admire it after using it.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Fast operation

  • Inconvenient for beginners

Buyers Guide: 

If you are a beginner and you are looking for the best chainsaw sharpener, it may be a little tricky for you before knowing the key factors you should check in every tool before considering purchasing it.

No need to worry about it. We have listed some important key factors for you. Let us see what you need to know and consider before buying your best chainsaw sharpener.


  1. Types:

Chainsaw sharpeners are available as manual and electric. So, you must look at the level of your work before choosing between the two.

If you do not need a chainsaw sharpener so often and you are a casual home user, then a manual chainsaw sharpener may be the best option for you as it’s relatively cheap.

For professional users who daily do woodwork and need to sharpen their chainsaws frequently then electric chainsaw sharpeners is the right choice for them as it saves time and requires less effort.

  1. Portability:

You must consider your type of work before choosing to buy a portable one or a static one. If you are a casual home user and sharpen your chainsaw occasionally then there is no point in buying a portable chainsaw sharpener. You should go for a static one instead.

Professional workers who go to the woods for cutting trees need to sharpen their chainsaws so often, so a portable chainsaw sharpener is appropriate for them.

  1. Compatibility:

You need carefully look at your chainsaw chain before buying any chainsaw sharpener. Chainsaw chains are of different sizes and made from varied materials. Chainsaw sharpeners are not made for every chainsaw.

You should make sure that the chain size and material are compatible with the sharpener you are buying. Electric sharpeners often support different chain sizes as compared to manual sharpeners.

  1. Cost:

This factor is of high importance for some users who are earning their living with great struggle and effort. Surely, one has to spend money wisely considering financial status.

If you are a professional woodworker and make your earnings through it, then your performance is depending on how efficiently your device or tool is working. The better the performance, the better the earning, so you can spend and get the quality tool and get back the money with good earnings.

If you don’t need to sharpen your chainsaw often, then no need to buy a costly one. Just save your money and buy a manual sharpener.


Now, let’s move to the FAQs.

  1. Who Makes The Best Chainsaw Sharpener?

Every chainsaw sharpener possesses some unique features which make it the best in some way but the Stihl brand manufactures high quality, durable, and professional tools so it can be regarded as best of the best manufacturer of chainsaw sharpeners.

  1. Do Chainsaw Sharpeners Work?

Yes, they sure do work. You can use them for quick sharpening of your chainsaw blade. But you must also take care of the maintenance of your tool or its efficiency will be compromised.

  1. How do Professionals Sharpen Chainsaws?

All professionals were once a beginner. They sharpen their chainsaw the same way mentioned in the instructions. With time, their steps while sharpening becomes flawless so don’t feel inferior if you are not a professional. Just follow the instructions.

  1. Can You Sharpen a Chainsaw With a Flat-File?

Yes, you can sharpen straight across with a flat file. All you need to know is the right method.

  1. Why does my Chainsaw Chain Keep Loosening?”

Your chain keeps loosening because it was not set properly. Finish the steps that you do to create tension in your chain so that it won’t get loose when you do work.

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