The Makita Best Electric Chainsaw Review

The Makita UC4030A 16″ electric chainsaw has officially stopped for manufacturing and that is replaced by the new model Makita UC4051A 16″ electric chainsaw. As a matter of fact, this is a good featured an impressive electric chainsaw since 2008. No doubt it is truly a work of genius as to how they made a powerful and effective corded electric chainsaw. Its competitors are a small gas-powered chainsaw in order for cutting power.

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If you are interested to buy a Makita UC4030A / UC4051A I am sure that you will be surprised because of its cutting power. With the usage of the electric chainsaw, you no need to worry about maintenance, noise and the smell of gas.

I will also discuss the model Makita UC3530A which is now discontinued, and this model is updated to Makita UC3551A. The Makita UC3551A is similar to the model Makita UC4030A chainsaw except that having 14inch bar and chain and other than that it is similar. Actually, this is a general review of the Makita UC4030A UC3530A with brief information. This chainsaw needs or deserves your consideration because it is no doubt very brilliant. It is literally mind-blowing chainsaw.

A Fast Cutting Makita Electric Chainsaw

Makita UC3551Amakita chainsaw UC3551A

There is no need to worry that if you are here to get information about the discontinued Makita UC4030A because it has been replaced by a new and great model i.e the Makita UC4051A. The original Makita UC4030A was actually released to consumers in 2008 and both of the models i.e 14inches, 16inches got a passionate attraction of audience. Do you know why? Just because of that these are extremely good chainsaws that undergo over time. Actually, the fact is that these are professional-grade chainsaws, and when you get one in your hands, you will come to know the quality.

As a matter of fact, many customers have rated Makita UC4030A / UC4051A / and the UC3530A / UC3551A exact or you can say above 90% related to satisfaction and quality. which means a very good response.
Now this brand with the updated models has become the recommended chainsaws on my list.

Makita UC4051AUC4051A makita chainsaw

Without getting any confusion I just want to clarify that the information you read about Makita UC4051A in this article is same or true for the UC3551A just the difference will be for the bar and the chain size. So other than that these models are similar to each other.

NOTE: As I already mentioned that the Makita UC4030A has been discontinued and updated to a new and much better Makita UC4051A. No doubt you can buy Makita UC4030A on Amazon but sometimes that won’t be available for sale.

One thing you should know the difference between the Makita UC4030A and the new UC4051A.
UC4051A series are the successors of UC4030A. The new thing is that its oil pump and tool-less saw chain adjuster have been approved and the exterior designed has changed to such a newborn model.

There are a lot of cheap chainsaws in the market which are not according to the consumers’ reviews and grade. The Makita UC4051A is a professional-grade electric chainsaw. It is said that it is not used as logging saw neither it is designed for heavy-duty tasks nor for logging but overall it is very high quality and surpass the quality of WORX and other cheaper chainsaws. Because you should only get that what you pay for.

Extension cord | What Gauge?

One important thing that you should keep it in your mind that it is essential with these corded electric chainsaws is that always use the best and correct extension cord. I also mention here a list of extension cords. You need usually 12 gauge extension cord with these chainsaws.

I suggest 12 gauges but you can also use 10 gauge extension cord but do not use anything higher than 12 gauge. Many people argue that 14 or 16 gauge is okay, but it is not because most of the people do not know how extension cords work.

I suggest 12 gauges but you can also use 10 gauge extension cord but do not use anything higher than 12 gauge. Many people argue that 14 or 16 gauge is okay, but it is not because most of the people do not know how extension cords work.

If the chainsaw is overloaded then thanks to The Makita UC4051A having the feature of built-in current limiter that used to control the current limit which reduces the power to the motor if the chainsaw is overloaded. It will be my desire ever that every chainsaw must have such a great feature. No doubt this is such a practical mechanism that will protect your investment. A brand of quality.

Having large oil reservoir and view window make capable of operator to check the bar oil level, and automatic chain oiler is specifically designed for heavy duty task and continuous cutting, this model has a rubberized grip handle which is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation, and the big trigger switch with soft start is particularly designed for smooth start-ups.

Both models of Makita UC3551A i.e.x 14inches and Makita UC4051A i.e 16inches are both double insulated and best for the wide range of cutting applications, like pruning, lambing, felling trees and firewood cutting up to 14 inches. As both models include a guide bar, a chain, and scabbard (chain cover), and of course the chainsaw.

One Complaint

The one negative point which I observed about the design of Makita UC4051A that it does not have any anti-vibration technology integrated into the chainsaw. It’s my wish that Makita will add up this feature also in its feature set. The unfortunate this it also does not have anti-vibration handles, and the fact is may be that it’s a medium duty saw so that’s why it’s not essential as it should be on the gas-powered chainsaw, where you can have got higher vibrations.

As I already told you that The Makita chainsaw does not have anti-vibration technology so I would definitely recommend you to buy anti-vibration gloves when using this Makita chainsaw. As these gloves are not much expensive. Check out gloves in the following table

By the way, overall the Makita UC4030A / UC4051A no doubt in one of the best electric chainsaws that you can have it as the matter of fact it is quite a little expensive just because its excellent quality and it’s cutting power which it generates. I recommend these Makita models over any gas-powered chainsaws for a normal or average user.


  • Powerful 15 Amp Motor is integrated for professional cutting.
  • New adjustment lever is designed to get easier tool-less tension adjustment for your chain.
  • Superior oil pump makes sure the delivery of oil chain constantly, regardless of temperature and oil viscosity.
  • Soft Start has eliminated start-up shock with gradually increasing motor speed.
  • Tool-less blade and chain adjustment eliminated the need of having wrenches but simply turn a lever.
  • Having the feature of Built-In Current Limiter.
  • Helps to protect the motor from burn-out.
  • When the saw is overloaded then it reduces power to the motor.
  • Work longer without fatigue.
  • Electric Chain Brake is quick for max productivity.
  • Superior operator protection.
  • Weight:13.9 lbs.

OREGON S56 | The Correct Replacement Chain

  • Model: UC4030A.
  • Net Weight: 11 lbs (dry, without bar and chain)
  • Chain Gauge: .050″
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8″
  • Length (without bar): 19 3/8″
  • Amps: 15
  • Chain Speed: 2,600 FPM
  • Guide Bar: 16”
  • Includes Chainsaw16″ chain & guide bar, and scabbard.

If you really value your money and want to buy the best quality chainsaw for light to medium-cutting duties then have Makita UC3530A / Makita UC3551A or the Makita UC4030A / UC4051A are best what you need.

No doubt that they are more expensive than other electric chainsaws but the fact is they will actually last you longer because it can do larger projects including all of your wood cutting needs around the home.

All of its components are top notch for which you are paying for. More quality, more metal, better engineering, and proper ergonomics. If you really value quality then I am unable to say enough good things about it.

And all is up to you, you can have more articles that may define you more greatly. All depend according to your need and your budget you may have detailed information further by visiting the following link.

Have a nice day!

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