The Best STIHL Electric Chainsaw

The Stihl brand started its chainsaw foundation in 1920 in Stuttgart Germany. But they are best renowned in 1960 for bringing in new ideas into the chainsaw world. Stihl takes hold of 60 years of experience to depict the most trusted and reliable chainsaw products.

The following is a brief but highly important discussion regarding the best Stihl chainsaw products. For example, a 16-inch gas chainsaw with a 50cc engine will be overqualified to accomplish light pruning tasks for your home yard needs.

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As these type of electric chainsaws are appropriate for cutting giant firewood in the forest. With our best electric chainsaw guide, you will be confident to pick up the right product for the job at hand.




Best Gas Powered Chainsaw:

Gas powered chainsaws are best applicable for both home and professional use. These are highly versatile from taking care of small pruning and trimming trees to cutting medium sized firewood. Gas powered chainsaw motors also have a good running life as compare to battery powered motors as you are not limited to the length of an electric power cord.

1. Best Inexpensive Option: STIHL MS 170

STIHL MS170 Chainsaw

The MS170 is proved to be one of the best chainsaws in the market. Its 30.1cc motor is best described not only for felling, pruning or trimming small trees but also for light firewood cutting. One is not required to be a superhero to bag pack this motor around. This best chainsaw is lightweight and compact. It also comes with anti-vibration system that will make your hands and arms feel more comfortable while doing heavy duty tasks. It must be considered as a valid point not only for your hands but for overall safety. This chainsaw can be adaptable with 12 inch, 14 inches or 16-inch chain bar.



2. Best Adaptable home option: STIHL MS 250Stihl MS 250 chainsaw

The best MS 250 is designed for homeowners who are in a need of acquiring a powerful chainsaw. This chainsaw has 45.4cc motor and also comes with a flexibility of 16 inches or 18-inch guide bar. This powered motor is best suitable for medium to large sized tree felling. The 18 inch Stihl chainsaw is often recommended for large-scale cutting. This chainsaw provides a feature of chain tensioner that enables professionals chainsaw users to adjust the chain tension with a bar wrench. Its oil and fuel caps are easily accessible without any other tool assistance.


3. Best Professional Option Stihl MS 181:

STIHL MS 181 chainsawThis best chainsaw is commonly known to the world as a farm boss. It is the best combination of portability and powerfulness. One of its best quality is having a 50.22cc engine that can accomplish large-scale trees in the forest. This chainsaw is similar to STIHL MS 290 and STIHL MS 029 which are no longer manufactured. The MS 271 features greater horsepower but it has a very less weight which makes it more popular as well as portable, efficient fuel consumption as compared to previous models. It is considered to be the best chainsaw for cutting firewood debris. One thing must be kept in mind that 50.2cc engine bundles a huge power hence it can be used with proper precautionary measures and definitely your neighbors will never prefer you to try this chainsaw for light yard work.


STIHL Pole Saws:

Most often homeowners are not getting used to climbing trees alone with a chainsaw in their hands. The STIHL Pole saw is the best product out in the market that will help you stay on the ground and fulfill our required tasks which are considered to be safest while dealing with giant trees.

STIHL pole saws come with the highly comfortable and adjustable pole between the motor and the guide bar. Besides this, they function exactly the same as the chainsaw would. Moreover, its bar can be adjusted to perform various tasks like cutting limbs or doing pruning around the yard. Stihl pole saw are also categorized into gas and battery powered chainsaw as well as for home and professional use.

Approximately a normal gas-powered Stihl pole saw holds a capability of the 27cc motor along with a 10-inch bar which is really considered to be sufficient power to pruning a tree and light branches. However, a 10-inch guide bar is small so it is not recommended to cut oversized branches with this pole saw.
Usually, it is noted that Stihl pole saw has less power as compared with the gas-powered saw, therefore, these are best suited for cutting or pruning light limb or branches. Our expert recent survey has shown that battery powered pole saw lasts for 50 minutes which is exactly the same as non-pole battery powered saw anyhow it gets varied depending upon usage.

Professional STIHL pole saws are more robust than usual home pole saws and battery powered pole saws. Usually, its motor ranges from 30cc to 40cc, weighing almost 13 pounds. Powerful 14-inch guide bar pole saw is usually considered to be the best for cutting large limbs as well as trimming, pruning trees. As it is a bit heavier so one should carry it with proper precautions as it results in arm fatigue. So if you feel powerful enough to manage this heavy pole saw then don’t wait to use it.

Chainsaw Safety:

Handling this machine is not a childish task one should take proper notes before using it as it may take your life.

Protective Gear:

Purchasing the only chainsaw will not be sufficient you need to buy some additional stuff. Best Electric chainsaws are often considered to be loud and they also spray woodchips while cutting. That is why we recommended you to read our Safety gloves buyer’s guide before attempting to use it. Moreover, you will be needing earplugs to protect your ears from the noise. In addition to gloves and earplugs, one should also use safety pants, Safety Boots, and Helmets which saves you from physical harms while using the chainsaw.

Additional Safety tips:

Do not ever try to use electric chainsaws in rainy weather as it may spark with an electric shock. Please take note which chainsaw are you using, don’t use scrap chainsaws as they will not be powerful enough to take care of heavy wood debris. A small guide bar is not suitable for cutting large branches of trees so avoid using them. As it increases chainsaw kickbacks which enhances the chances of getting injured. Above all, a user must be strong enough to operate this heavy equipment. As we all know that this heavy machinery usage results in arm fatigue which is the most basic side effects of using chainsaws. So take breaks and use it gently don’t let it control you. If you require giant trees cutting than better seek a professional chainsaw expert for fulfilling the duties.

All depend according to your need and your budget you may have detailed information further by visiting the following link.

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