Black & Decker LCS 1020 Review

The black and decker chainsaw comes with a 10-inch bar that makes it the very smallest chainsaw that we are going to be reviewed. Mostly we do not recommend you guys to use this saw on much larger wood than a few inches thicker.

As a matter of fact, it works very efficiently specifically for the house jobs like cut off unwanted branches or pruning trees and also cutting for fallen branches. And if you really need for such jobs, it will be hard for you to go wrong with this model.

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  • Portable
  • Small Size
  • Affordable
  • Much convenient
  •        The 10-inch bar


No doubt this battery-powered chainsaw is not very powerful like other chainsaws. On the other hand, its small size and its price make it an economical decision.

Black & Decker Electric Chainsaw In Detail:Black & Decker Electric Chainsaw

We found some more reviews on the internet about the black and decker LCS1020. During the testing phase, a person said “I do not understand about such a tiny, weak battery chainsaw. Do you think that you will be able to cut with this sort of chainsaw?” at the same time other person spoke up that this has not been made for heavy-duty tasks, “It can be used for pruning trees and also the best tool for occasional purposes”.

In another example, someone told that they used this chainsaw to cut the dead bush in their house and this Black & Decker LCS1020 handled that half-dead bush without any problem.

As a matter of fact, this saw proved to lack muscle as compared to the bigger gas-powered chainsaw. As it is low emission and low maintenance. Its noise level is like a vacuum cleaner round about decibel level of and decker battery

The best thing about this chainsaw is that it does not need any gas or engine oil in order to make it work.

This feature also makes this a safer chainsaw while using. It comes with the 20-volt lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, it offers large handguards along with a chain brake that helps to reduce kickback. Moreover, this great chainsaw has a tool-less chain tensioning system which has made adjusting its chain easy. Let me tell you one more interesting this about this chainsaw, It comes with oiling system in order to keep the bar and chain lubricated that has been proved such a great feature for having a battery operated chainsaw.

Let me conclude after a great review, The Black & Decker LCS1020 has been proved ideal for limb work, clearing unwanted bushes and other overgrown shrubs, it is the good chainsaw that fulfills your tool collection as well and will be with you when you need a chainsaw in unexpected times and you will feel yourself at ease!chainsaw

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