Electric vs Gas Chainsaw | Which One is Right for You?

Electric vs gas chainsaw, which one is right for you? In this article, you are going to have in-depth knowledge of the different chainsaws available that can be gas, battery, and corded electric chainsaws so you can decide intelligently.

Introduction | Electric vs Gas Chainsaw:

As the chainsaw is an extremely flexible and great portable power tool, there are a lot of reasons why you should have your own mind-blowing machine.
When you go in the market to buy a chainsaw, you will be overwhelmed by seeing the variety of chainsaw brands, sizes and models and you will be literally unable to find out the best one there, and sometimes it has become difficult to differentiate between genuine ones from the knockoffs. Because that can be wastage of money and time as well.

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Save Time with your Chainsaw:

Before we begin our journey though, let’s take a look at a few use cases for chainsaws. The next section discusses some scenarios in which chainsaws can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to complete a certain task:
As a matter of fact that you should buy chainsaw according to need so chainsaws can reduce the great amount of time to complete a certain task. If you want to get a chainsaw for home use or for small jobs around the house then you must have:

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Now, consider an extra more extreme case of usage of a chainsaw. Whenever natural disasters hit, it fell down telephone lines, bring down trees, electric poles, and even fills the entire area with broken pieces of roofs, sheds etc. Although you can’t go out for essential supplies such as food, fuel or medicines

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A generator goes hand-in-hand for emergencies and disasters. These are not only for chainsaws but also for many more but we ca not discuss them here but you get the idea right? We shall now discuss right chainsaw for you. Following are types of chainsaws:
The electric chainsaw is proved to be the best solution for caretakers and consumers. Because this sort of product gives enough ability to overcome the light to medium duty trimming and cutting woods within your yard. When it comes to trimming or pruning of your garden trees or when you need to cut or fell a tree the best option is to use this electric chainsaw. As we know very for fragmenting of timber into firework pieces, not all the chainsaws will be capable to do that task as it all depends upon the power and size that can be mini and largest of the chainsaws so we should buy wisely according to their requirements and top rating and needs use for consumer reports.
There are two categories of electric chainsaw one is corded and the second one is cordless/battery powered chainsaws i.e. rechargeable and portable.


Main Chainsaw Components:

A chainsaw is composed of the Extension cord | What Gauge?

One important thing that you should keep it in your mind that it is essential with these corded electric chainsaws is that always use the best and correct extension cord. I also mention here a list of extension cords. You need usually 12 gauge extension cord with these chainsaws.
I suggest 12 gauge but you can also use 10 gauge extension cord but do not use anything higher than 12 gauge. Many people argue that 14 or 16 gauge is okay, but it is not because most of the people do not know that how extension cords work.
The fact is that using wrong cord will make your chainsaw extra hotter and reduce the current powering it, as a result, chainsaw get low performance and that may put the strain on components of a chainsaw. Hence by the appropriate extension cord.

I recommend the following extension cords:

Following major parts:

  1. The Sprocket and clutch assembly
  2. The motor
  3. The chain
  4. The guide bar

If that is a gas-powered chainsaw, it must have a first fuel tank then carburetor and air filter. But if it is a corded electric chainsaw model, then you will find a power cord on the rear end to pass current to the electric motor. In the case of cordless electric models, you will have a rechargeable battery pack near the motor.

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