In the realm of outdoor power tools, a silent yet remarkable revolution is taking place, promising to redefine how we approach yard work and forestry endeavors. Leading this transformative charge is none other than the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw, a beacon of cordless innovation that is reimagining the way we maintain our outdoor spaces. For users, it heralds a new era of convenience and environmental consciousness, as it bids farewell to the era of noisy, pollution-spewing gas-powered machinery. Let’s embark on a journey to explore how this trailblazing tool is not only reshaping the landscape of outdoor maintenance but also elevating the overall user experience to unprecedented heights

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the rugged landscapes of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. Now, picture yourself camping under the stars, nestled in a genuine handcrafted American Indian teepee. It’s a vivid memory from my childhood – a time when I marveled at the wooden poles that held our shelter, meticulously cut and smoothed. The notion of wielding a GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw back then would have left me wide-eyed with astonishment. Fast forward to today, and I can’t help but wonder how my father’s friend would have reacted had I offered to effortlessly cut down additional timber with this cordless wonder.


The Cordless Revolution

Cordless tools have come a long way from being mere novelties to becoming indispensable companions for modern outdoor enthusiasts. I’ve always held a soft spot for traditional hand saws, axes, and the symphony of gas-powered chainsaws. However, the emergence of this new breed of cordless tools poses an intriguing question: Can they truly replace or even outperform their gas-guzzling counterparts in terms of runtime and power? This is the challenge that the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw, part of GreenWorks’ 80V Pro line, aims to conquer.

Exploring the Features

Our journey begins with the exploration of the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw’s features. Last year, we reviewed the GreenWorks 40V Brushless Chainsaw, and it performed admirably in both runtime and power. The 80V model carries forward the legacy of the DigiPro brushless motor but introduces something that sets it apart from the crowd – an impressive 18-inch bar and chain. This, in itself, is a bold statement by GreenWorks, challenging the conventions of cordless chainsaws.

Moreover, the inclusion of an electronic chain brake, reminiscent of its gas-powered brethren, provides an extra layer of safety. The real metal bucking spikes in the front offer unparalleled leverage and precision when making precise cuts in wood.

Oil Management Made Easy

For those who have a habit of keeping a rag handy to prevent oil leakage when storing their chainsaws, the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw offers a delightful surprise. It boasts an auto oiler with a translucent window, allowing you to monitor the oil level. This innovation ensures that you can store the chainsaw on a garage shelf without worrying about oil seeping onto your workspace, a significant advantage compared to some competitors.


Ergonomics and Handling

The GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw exudes a sense of robustness and durability. Its metal handle wrapping around the chainsaw body adds to its rugged feel. While it’s not designed as an ultralight in-tree chainsaw, it strikes a balance between power and maneuverability, making it akin to a midsize homeowner chainsaw or a smaller-displacement professional model.

The Powerhouse Within

Equipped with an 18-inch bar, the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw falls somewhere between the capabilities of a 40cc ECHO CS-400 chainsaw and the robust ECHO Timber Wolf CS-590 Chainsaw. The interesting twist here is the combination of the 18-inch bar with this cordless powerhouse. Typically, you’d expect a chainsaw bearing such a bar length to boast a more substantial engine displacement. Nevertheless, this saw effortlessly handles precise cuts, slicing through oak trunks up to 16 inches in diameter with finesse.

Charging Your Future

Charging the GreenWorks 80V batteries is a breeze. The current 2.0Ah battery, rated at 144Wh, charges in a mere 30 minutes with the 80V rapid charger. GreenWorks is poised to introduce larger 5.0Ah and 6.4Ah batteries, which promise even more extended runtime. Whether you’re tending to a small yard or seeking the convenience of cordless outdoor power equipment, a single rapid charger and a couple of 80V battery packs might suffice.


Testing the Beast

To truly evaluate the prowess of the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw, I embarked on a comprehensive testing journey, pitting it against other cordless chainsaws in the market. Here’s a glimpse of how it fared in comparison:

  • GreenWorks 80V vs. GreenWorks 40V: The 80V model, with its substantial power and 18-inch bar, eclipses its 40V counterpart by around 30%. It boasts near-instant starting, reminiscent of gas-powered chainsaws, all while delivering a quieter and hassle-free operation.
  • GreenWorks 80V vs. EGO 56V: In the battle of power versus endurance, the GreenWorks 80V takes the crown for power, while the EGO 56V excels in runtime. The EGO chainsaw, however, carries a more playful appearance, in stark contrast to the GreenWorks, which maintains a professional demeanor.
  • GreenWorks 80V vs. Black & Decker 40V: The comparison with the Black & Decker 40V Chainsaw reveals a stark contrast in power and performance. While the Black & Decker model might suffice for lighter tasks, it struggles with larger cuts and startup delays, making it an impractical choice for serious cutting.

In Conclusion,

The GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw marks a significant advancement in the world of cordless outdoor power tools. With its 18-inch bar and impressive cutting capabilities, it’s a compelling choice for those in search of high cutting capacity. While the battery runtime remains a point to ponder for extended usage, GreenWorks’ upcoming release of higher Wh batteries offers a promising solution.

This chainsaw skillfully bridges the gap between cordless and gas-powered models, delivering the convenience of cordless operation while maintaining the performance and feel of a traditional gas chainsaw. Whether you’re a professional or a homeowner with demanding cutting requirements, the GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw deserves your serious consideration. It stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of outdoor power tools and signifies a quieter, more efficient future for forestry and yard work

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