Oregon CS1500 Best Electric Chainsaw Review

Let me tell you in the Oregon cs1500 review. The Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw is easy to use by just pulling the trigger. The best Oregon chainsaw comes with a self-sharpening system that allows to sharps its teeth between the performance just by pulling the power sharp lever. The Oregon chain is the only product in the market which has a self-sharpening System.

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Oregon cs1500 review

Oregon CS1500 Review.


This chainsaw is very perfect and light of yard works because it can easily fell medium-sized trees also this chainsaw is 15-amp. This chainsaw starts instantly which means it does not require struggle. It has enough power to clean up trim up and treat fire woodwork.

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This CS1500 chain has an inbuilt power sharp system. This chainsaw has also auto oiling system. This chainsaw is very convenient to use as it does not require to put it on and off as gas chainsaw require and you also don’t need to install a new sharp chain. The CS1500 is not as versatile as a gas-powered chainsaw. This chainsaw is easy to carry as it is lightweight than any other gas and electric chainsaw.


The CS1500 chainsaw has a replaceable guide bar which 45 cm long which guarantees its longevity. This machine has a 2-year consumer and 1-year professional warranty. The frame of this machine is strong enough to stand in harsh conditions of wood cutting.


The Oregon self-sharpening is designed with less noise so you will not be disturbed while cutting the woods. It is generally a low noise woodcutting machine.

Technical Specification Of Oregon Chainsaw cs1500

Bar Length18"(45cm)
Pitch3/8" low profile
No load chain speed2887 fpm/48 fps
Weight12.6 lb (5.7kg) with guide bar and saw chain attached
Chain tensioningTool-less chain tensioning system
Oil SystemTool-less chain tensioning system

Features: Self-Sharpening chainsaw ORENGO CS1500

  • This saw is very sturdily built and weight about 13 lbs.
  • Pretty handy self-Sharpening.
  • It can easily cut 17” rounds.
  • It can easily cut 17” rounds.
  • Auto Greasing.
  • Less noise does not disturb neighbors.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Non-Burnable.
  • Not as functional as gas chainsaw.
  • Only cut medium-sized trees.
  • Could face the terrible failure of saw due to low Greasing to the chain.
  • Only the top teeth are sharp.

15-amp electric motor:

This machine is suitable for women and older people. It is easy to start Oregon Self-Sharpening because it is highly convenient and literally rid you of stress that comes with gas chainsaws because of instant start 120v 15amp motor.

Tool-less chain tightening:

The tool-less chain tightening is fitted on the right side of the chainsaw although some customer complains that it is a little firm when covered in oil and sawdust, allows you to adjust the chain to gain your desired tension.


This chainsaw is very lightweight to enabling 13 pounds for long working.

Comfortable Handle:

It is very comfortable to handle and enable long work easily.

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