Same as the WORKX, GREENWORKS Company has made its name in the global chainsaw production for almost 10 years and moreover, they are private companies who are working in China.

Due to a high level of satisfaction from many homeowners who tried and used their products, this quality has granted them a superior reputation when they came to chainsaws production.

Additionally, they also set their target to upsell their products at a competitive price in the consequence of this they have got great demand even from those customers who were not willing to spend a great amount of money on such electric operated chainsaws

GreenWorks Best Electric Chainsaws Review:

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1. GREENWORKS 20312 Chainsaw:


The GreenWorks 20312 G-Max 40V 16 inch cordless chainsaw is operated by a battery, comes with 16 inch Oregon bar and chain reduced kickback. This model is proved to the best model for light to medium-duty tasks like pruning and fell trees, it also proves to be a brilliant model when you need to clear some debris and also for slicing your wood logs.

Getting more about GreenWorks chainsaws look at their website.

You can use this model as long as the battery will take you without any fear of being overwhelmed by the length of the extension cord. The GreenWorks 20313 G-Max 40V is an easy tool to transport as it is lightweight, has less noise and vibrations. This unit also has a tool-less chain adjuster that enables quick tightening or loosening of your chains.

2. GreenWorks 20362 24V Chainsaw:

GreenWorks 20362 24V Cordless 10 inch Chainsaw Kit

Greenworks’s line of tools provides not only reliable performance and dependability besides this it also offers a clean running alternative solution to gas powered tools as well. Each tool of the GreenWorks company comes with a huge variety of performance and safety features, Greenworks also promise carbon emission-free operation in order to make the environment clean. GreenWorks 20362 24V cordless 10-inch lithium ion chainsaw provides a competitive alternative solution to standard gas operation chain saws.

This model provides great cutting performance without the hassle of dealing with gas or cords. As it comes with a 10-inch bar and chain which makes it the perfect unit for basic clean up, trimming and any type of smaller tasks, where other chainsaws can be an issue.


  • It comes with an over-molded handle in order to increase the user comfort level
  • As it comes with a powerful 24 model which makes it dependable cutting performance
  • Its 10-inch bar cutting chain provides reliable cutting power
  • This unit comes with tool-less chain tensioning system for fast chain adjustments
  • Its rare handle design provides excellent control specifically for overhead use

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