Remington Electric Chainsaw is proved to be the best chainsaw for producing a huge variety of chainsaw models in order to meet up the requirements of the professional chainsaw users, as well as for the need of average chainsaw home user.

Moreover, since the year of 1921, they have created a variety of reliable, and durable chainsaws which according to the recent reviews are inexpensive, easy to operate, easy to balance and is also tension free to maintain for a normal householder. Remington also offers such features which are mostly reserved and considered for extraordinary expensive chainsaw models; the fact is the Remington brand has committed itself to sell their units at a cheap and affordable price range in order to get access to the chainsaw models for everyone.

It is highly secured that comes with easy flip and lock clumps that suddenly secure the pole length.

Remington Best Elecric Chainsaw Reviews.

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1. REMINGTON RM1425 LIMB N TRIM Electric Chainsaw:


The Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim is a corded best electrical chain saw that comes with 14-inch low kickback bar and a chain having the feature of an 8Amp electric motor which provides the easiness to the user for limb trimming heavy duty tasks and even also cutting smaller trees. The facility which is provided to the buyer that it is delivered in a fully assembled state which makes the user capable to use it once as it comes on your doorstep. As a matter of fact that this unit comes with the weight of only 6.25 pounds, it is easy to handle and control. It also comes with the easy to view oil reservoir in order to maintain oil levels and also have a push button oiler which allows you to add the exact amount of oil to your engine. Recent reviews have shown that it comes with external chain tension adjuster which allows for easier tensioning and it comes with knob handle to meet horizontal cutting tasks.
The consumer’s common usage of best electric chainsaw includes not only cutting the heavy duty tasks but also trimming. It is one of the rarest automated settings that makes it capable of cutting branches of 15 feet overhead. This item is really worth buying.

Points to Ponder:
As we described its salient feature there are some points you need to keep in your mind while buying this product that it has oil leakage problem but this can be fixed when you lay this unit down with its chain side. You may face also some difficulties in order to adjust the chain tension as it can become very tight or very loose, but no doubt this unit is considered to be reasonable as this electric chain saw is not expensive.

To get more information look at the Remington website.


Remington RM5118R Gas Chainsaw

The Remington RM5118R cordless Gas chain saw is a medium heavy and it is a solid but no doubt a great efficient power tool. For those who live a nearby forest and meet to gather logs for fuel from fallen branches in order to cut them into small chunks. The chainsaw is also suitable for cleanliness such wooden debris or climbing up the trees in or surrounding your home as it fulfills a variety of heavy duty tasks, this chainsaw is not useful only for occasional purposes but also have an effective performance on the daily basis along with heavy-duty wood-based activities. So do a consumer still facing similar needs? Well, let us present and review the main features of this chainsaw now! So it will help a consumer decide that he is going to choose the great and suitable Gas powered chainsaw for heavy duty tasks.

Power and construction:

There is no need to worry about what you are cutting or limbing firewood or doing cleanliness the leftover in the home yard. No task or assigned job is difficult can be a hindrance for Rodeo’s robust 51cc 2-cycle engine. As it has a great strength capability for any cutting job, as a matter of fact, it may not be an outstanding product as some other saws are with which you may have worked before. Its strength for cutting items is gathered by the tough crankcase of professional grade.

Its engine also features Oregon low-kickback 18 inch bar which lets chainsaw to overshadow the most strength full claim of Paulan Pro. But the difference is 1cc, such specifications make this Remington Model’s performance similar to that of Paulan Pro. When it combined with a little bit shorter bar.

Anti-vibration mechanism, weight, and Handle:

When we talk about design we always focus on the ergonomic model, as its handle is ergonomic but the fact is it is overall built is not lightweight which do not provide the comfort level. However, no one will compromise the desired comfort level. This chainsaw comes with a weight of 25 pounds through which it does not seems like a monster but not suitable but sometimes it feels beneficial when we deal with heavy duty tasks.
As this model comes with anti-vibration mechanism which provides the desired comfort level at the same time its anti-vibration handle provides great feelings to control vibrations so that you enjoy your work with the great comfort level without any stress and fatigue during operating such powerful machine even for a long period of time.

Quick Start technology:

As most of the model comes with the traditional mechanism for startup i.e. ‘prime and pulls’. But this model comes with the feature of quick start technology that makes it easier to pull start the engine efficiently. This model comes with the technology of electronic ignition which ensures quick startups, especially in critical conditions. It does not require compression release valve, although most of the people have faced some problems with respect to quick startup this was because of some operator error which is mostly considered to be a frequently occurring experience in various gas models. In short, one can have a comfortable start in any ignition.

More Technological Features:

As there is a great demand in modern technology, Remington also comes with automatic chain oiler which is adjustable and considered to be a great heavy duty carrying case. Nowadays these can also be found in other gas-powered chainsaws. This automatic oiler feature lets the device chain and bar always lubricated which enhances smooth cutting performance. One last thing, they have also offered a 2-step auto choke which is responsible for adjusting the choke position automatically to ensure quick warm-up.


As offered in other gas models, they have also added some safety features in Remington RM5118R model too. A stop button can be found in the top of the handle which is located in the dual trigger’s front, which is very easy to reach and proved to be a great ergonomic design. They have also included inertia feature which prevents the impact of kickbacks in terms of bruises. Its big bucking spikes also ensure safe cutting.


  • Frequent startups even in rainy conditions.
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • It comes with a home depot protection plan
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • No leakage
  • Reliable
  • Avoid kickbacks and vibrations
  • Safe and fast cutting
  • Durable
  • Fully assembled
  • Comfortable carrying case
  • Long time warranty


  • Requires re-sharpening of chain
  • Heats up when used for a prolonged period
  • Leakage can occur occasionally
  • A bit noisy while cutting


In the corollary of all this discussion we have made in the face of user reviews, it will be worth saying that Remington RM5118R can be considered as purely a perfect choice as it is highly durable and have great power for cutting firewood, handling wood debris, and trimming medium to large trees. One can easily use this model for not only cutting pines trees and dead junipers into firewood size but also one can cut a tree of 24-inch tree of oak or elm without any hassle. The price at which this model is available is worth spending as it offers almost everything that one should expect from a saw. The best part of this item is that it starts at all conditions without compromising its durability and efficiency for household users as well as professional users.

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