Upgrading Your Chainsaw

Chainsaw fans, whether you select an eco-friendly battery version like the 535i XP® or a powerful petrol model like the 435 e-series II, upgrading with the correct accessories can take your game to new heights.

Having the right tools is essential for taking on difficult tasks in the forest. We spoke with seasoned arborists Sam Hardingham from Everyday Arbor and Julia Steele of She Trees to find out which chainsaw attachments are absolutely necessary to improve your productivity.

Find the best-kept tips to help you tackle any woodcutting assignment with accuracy, regardless of experience level. Improve your chainsaw configuration with advice from professionals.

Chainsaw Bars

The desire of chainsaw bars can considerably effect your slicing experience, making it important to have a range at your disposal. But how do you decide the proper bar in your precise needs? As a widespread rule, your chainsaw bar must be at the least 2 inches longer than the thickness of the wooden you ought to reduce. Different bar lengths provide awesome blessings in phrases of maneuverability and functionality. To help you in deciding on the proper bars and chains like minded together along with your chainsaw, seek advice from our informative Bars & Chains Guide.

Shorter Bars: Shorter bars are a fave amongst chainsaw enthusiasts, specifically while running at accelerated heights. Sam from Everyday Arbor attests to their utility, stating, “I choose a shorter bar on maximum of my saws. For instance, I use a 12-inch bar on my 540i XP® battery noticed as it offers advanced maneuverability, balance, and simplicity of use in mountaineering situations.” He adds, “Even on a number of my large saws, lowering the bar period via way of means of some inches complements maneuverability and slicing speed.”

Longer Bars: Longer bars, on the alternative hand, provide prolonged attain and are best for slicing via large timber and timber. They excel while running on stable, ground-degree surfaces. Husqvarna gives bars starting from 10 inches to an outstanding 32 inches in period. It`s really well worth noting that bars are available in diverse types, such as stable bars, laminated bars with a nostril wheel, X-Force, and X-Tough bars.

Chainsaw Chains

Following the bar, the chainsaw chain is the subsequent important factor of your noticed. A sturdy, sharp, and nicely geared up chain is important for making your slicing duties a breeze. Since chainsaw chains are available in diverse styles, it is clever to pick one which gives more advantageous performance.

Selecting the Right Chain: Whether you decide upon a chisel, semi-chisel, micro-chisel, or chamfer chisel chain, there is a appropriate choice for each requirement. Consider including a pre-stretched X-Cut® chainsaw chain in your collection. Engineered for enduring sharpness, tremendous durability, and slicing efficiency, the X-Cut® chain undergoes warmth remedy to maximise hardness. If you are uncertain which chain fits you best, discover the overall variety of X-Cut® chains available.

Chainsaw Sharpening: Julia underscores the significance of retaining your chainsaw chain sharp, stating, “Sharpening your noticed is paramount. Starting your task with a pointy chain makes your day a good deal extra manageable.” Over time, everyday utilization can stupid your chain, inflicting it to rip via wooden instead of reduce smoothly. This greater friction will increase electricity intake and warmth generation. If you are now no longer geared up to put money into a brand new chain, a splendid chainsaw submitting package will assist keep sharpness.

Chainsaw Maintenance

Both Sam and Julia concur that proper chainsaw maintenance is non-negotiable. Julia emphasizes, “People often overlook the fact that tools need consistent maintenance, especially if you use them daily.” Sam outlines his routine maintenance, saying, “I routinely remove the side cover, take off the bar and chain, inspect the bar for burs, examine the sprockets, clean the side covers, and then inspect the air filter and carburetor by removing the top cover.” The Husqvarna Chainsaw Kit is your ideal companion for regular and correct maintenance.

Brake Bands: Sam stresses the significance of checking brake bands regularly to ensure they are not worn out, as catching issues early is the best course of action.

Filters: The type of saw you own determines the importance of filters in maintaining peak performance. Keeping spare fuel and air filters on hand ensures uninterrupted operation during your daily cutting tasks.

Carry Case for Chainsaws

It’s crucial to protect your chainsaw’s integrity while in transit to avoid damage and save time and money. A good chainsaw carry case should be sturdy, well marked, and have enough room to hold your saw and extra parts. Explore our comprehensive range of chainsaw bags and storage solutions.

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Chainsaw Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As a licensed arborist and tree mountaineering specialist, Julia underscores the significance of sporting shielding gear. She advises, “Invest in tremendous gadget and frequently look at it to make certain it`s in most excellent condition.” PPE allows you to address difficult slicing responsibilities whilst safeguarding your wellbeing from head to toe.

Upper Body Protection: At the very least, equip your self with a great arborist helmet, eye safety, and listening to safety. Husqvarna Spire helmets provide breathability and light-weight consolation whilst supplying most safety. Opt for eye safety that guarantees clean visibility and shields your eyes from flying debris. Combining listening to and visible safety, the Garden Earmuffs with Perspex Visor gives complete safety. Don’t overlook to consist of chainsaw-safe, anti-reduce gloves with noticed safety on your PPE kit.

Lower Body Protection: Ensure solid footing and guard your feet, a ought to for any chainsaw operator who values toe safety. Outdoor paintings frequently includes slippery, wet, and choppy surfaces, in which a slip ought to cause the noticed coming near your feet. Consider making an investment withinside the Leather Protective Boots with Saw Protection for long-lasting foot safety. For muddy conditions, the Protective Boots Functional 24 offer an great solution.

Elevate Your Chainsaw Game

Elevate your chainsaw revel in via way of means of incorporating tremendous elements and add-ons designed to bear the check of time. Whether you require chains, bars, convey cases, or shielding gadget, Husqvarna gives a complete choice of chainsaw essentials. With masses of merchandise to be had for buy on-line or thru your nearby dealer, it is time to decorate your chainsaw’s capabilities. Upgrade your normal and address your slicing responsibilities with confidence.

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